Gay sex and drugs


Drug use can make you lose control of your safer sex behavior. In order to minimize your risk of an HIV/STI infection, we want to give you important information on gay sex and drugs.

Drug use is never without risk. Among other things, there is the danger of becoming addicted. We do not want to encourage anyone to do drugs. But if you have decided to do so, you can find information here on how to reduce health risks and what to do in an emergency. No matter what you take, make sure you know what to expect. And think about how you can pay attention to safer sex even when you're high.

Some important information:

1)  A question of dose

Drugs are often consumed at sex parties. They stimulate, lower inhibitions, increase endurance. But if you take too much, the fun is over quickly. Chems can also make you take greater risks.

2) Drugs and safer sex

Being on drugs (including alcohol), some people do or let things happen that they wouldn‘t want to do when being sober. You should only have sex on drugs with people you trust. Clarify beforehand what you do and what you don't do and have safer sex utensils ready.

3) This or that – don’t mix

When taking a drug, stick with this one. When you mix different substances, dangerous interactions are possible. For example, the effect can be intensified. You should first try something new in your private environment.

4) Medicine makes drugs unpredictable

Whether HIV medication, Viagra, antidepressants - the combination with drugs can be risky. Some drugs weaken the effect of an HIV therapy. Especially at the beginning of an HIV therapy you should avoid drugs. Get all the information about interactions under! By the way, when your parties last longer than usual: bring plenty of HIV medication.

5) Safer use: your own syringes, your own tubes

When "slamming" (injecting drugs) only use your own syringe. This way you protect yourself from HIV and hepatitis. And, you should not share other items. Dose carefully: injected drugs work very quickly and intensively. For snorting only use your own tube (because of hepatitis). Banknotes are sharp-edged, can hurt your nose and are full of germs.

6) What you can do in an emergency and what you should be aware of

In an acute emergency, call 112! As a general rule: only take drugs when you are in good health and ideally when together with friends. Pay attention to one another and never leave anyone alone at a party. When the others know what you are taking, you can be helped better in an emergency.

An overview of drug counseling centers and where to get information in the city of Hamburg can be found here:

Map with points of contact

You find more information here:


Furthermore, Hein & Fiete participated in the pilot project "Quality development in counseling and prevention in the context of drugs and sexuality among gay men (QUADROS)". You can find background information in the e-reader.


This booklet covers some general First Aid practices for some specific chemsex-related emergencies.

It includes some information on how to make judgment calls, and when not to; when to call an ambulance, as well as some tips to help avoid some of the most common emergencies that can happen in chemsex environments.

This booklet is not a comprehensive harm reduction resource. This booklet focuses on emergency situations and First Aid that might be applied in them. Harm reduction information regarding chems is much more extensive.

This document was written and prepared by David Stuart and Ignacio Labayen De Inza. Sept 2018


Wer Drogen nimmt, muss sich mit vielen Problemen herumschlagen: schlechte Stoffqualität, Polizei, Stress beim Konsum, Abszesse und Beschaffungsdruck, um nur einige zu nennen. Die Gefahren kennt man, die Folgen kann man sehen und spüren.

Es gibt aber auch Gefahren, die man nicht sehen kann. Dazu gehört neben Hepatitis-B- und Hepatitis-C-Viren auch HIV - ein Virus, welches das körperigene Abwehrsystem schwächt und ohne Behandlung zur lebensbedrohlichen Krankheit Aids führen kann.

Diese Broschüre bietet alle wichtigen Infos rund um den Schutz vor HIV, zu HIV-Tests und zur Behandlung.

Ergänzend hierzu gibt es die Broschüre "Drogen und Hepatitis".


Dieses Faltblatt informiert rund um Naloxon  und die Anwendung als Nasenspray.

Es wir erklärt wann und in welchen Fällen man es nutzen kann und wie es im Notfall anzuwenden ist.