Diarrhoea is usually a banal disease that disappears by itself. But if it becomes bloody or contains pus, if you feel very ill or have a fever, go to see a doctor. Maybe it is a shigellosis.

Ways of transmission
Shigellosis is mainly transmitted by oral-anal contact, such as rimming, but also via the anus - finger - mouth route. Smear infections are possible, for example via dildos, shared lubricant jars or from rectum to rectum via shared sex toys or condoms that have been used with several sex partners.

Shigellosis typically begins one to several days after the bacteria enters the body with diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, fever, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. The severity and duration of the disease can vary from person to person. In a worst case and without treatment the ulcers caused by the pathogens can break through the gut wall and lead to a life-threatening peritonitis.

How can I protect myself?
Wash dildos and sex toys that are inserted anally, thoroughly after or before each use with a new partner and disinfect them if possible, or use a new condom with them. Fingering on the butt and then a cigarette - or nail biting - can also be enough to catch the germs: so, wash your hands every now and then. This also applies when being in darkrooms, saunas, or at sex parties.

Diagnostics and treatment
Shigellosis is diagnosed by detecting the pathogens in the stool. Treatment is carried out with antibiotics until no bacteria is detected in three consecutive stool samples taken at intervals of two days each.