Hein & Fiete, that's the gay checkpoint in St. Georg, only five minutes walking-distance from central station. Hein & Fiete, that's about 80 volunteers and 5 full-time employees, who are connected to all parts of Hamburg's gay and bisexual scene. All together, we represent the gay community of this city. Hein & Fiete offers a lot of information on gay and bisexual life for you to feel comfortable in Hamburg. One focus of our work is the education about the transmission of HIV and the practice of safer sex.

What we do. What we offer.
First of all we inform: about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections and safer sex, about possibilities for leisure activities and what's going on, when and where in the scene. The staff of Hein & Fiete links groups and initiatives in order to tighten the social network of the gay community in Hamburg. For this purpose we also initiate our own projects and make our infrastructure available to groups. Through our participation in various committees, we bring gay and bisexual issues into the public debate in order to improve our acceptance in society as a whole. To make it easy for everyone to implement safer sex, we sell condoms and lubricants at very reasonable prices at our checkpoint. Furthermore, Hein & Fiete also offers nice accessories, that are otherwise not available in Hamburg. The profits from this sale are directly used for our educational and information work. 
In addition, you can get counseling and get tested for HIV/STI at our place. This offer is a cooperation with CasaBlanca and takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 8 pm. It‘s free, anonymous and available without an appointment.

What we want.
The work of Hein & Fiete aims to prevent HIV infections in gay and bisexual men through education, information and discussion. The social gay network - the gay community - is to become tighter so that the living situation of gays and bisexuals in Hamburg will improve. For us, this naturally includes HIV-positive men and men suffering from AIDS; we actively oppose their exclusion. Through our various activities into the heterosexual society, we advocate the acceptance of gay and bisexual lifestyles, with a special focus on legal equality.

How can you support Hein & Fiete?
Through active involvement! We are always looking for volunteers. They will receive a sound training with us and can participate in our various teams and initiatives. In order to do a great job, we depend on donations, as not all projects can be financed with the funds made available to us.