Sexually transmitted infections (STI)

Diseases such as crabs, syphilis, the clap or hepatitis are summarized under the collective term "Sexually Transmitted Infections".

There are infections such as crab lice, that are not as dramatic and the worst thing is the schadenfreude of friends that has to be endured. With other infections such as hepatitis or syphilis, however, the situation is quite different: untreated, these STIs can become life-threatening. Therefore, it is good to know which STIs are out there and how to recognize them.

You can be tested for many of these infections at Hein & Fiete’s checkpoint. The doctor may take blood samples or examine the mucous membranes, for example with a cotton swab. 

Important in the context of HIV:
STIs can significantly increase the risk of an HIV transmission or be more severe in HIV-positive individuals, which can also make the treatment more difficult.   

Here you get an overview of the most significant sexually transmitted infections, their symptoms, and treatment options.