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Hein & Fiete – the gay checkpoint with counseling and testing for HIV/STI

At Hein & Fiete, the gay checkpoint, you can get counseling and get tested for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis A, B, C, and syphilis as well as gonorrhea and chlamydia. It’s free and anonymous - please make an appointment. The counseling and testing is possible every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-8 pm. The test results can be communicated during the following testing hours. 

When and how to make an appointment: call 040240333 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 to 8 pm.

The lab test can provide a reliable result just 6 weeks after a risky situation. To perform a rapid test, it is advisable to wait 12 weeks after a risky situation. You can talk about your sexuality in a confidential setting with our trained and gay counselors. Together, we discuss ways of transmitting and passing on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and find suitable strategies to minimize your individual risk of an infection.

This is a joint offer with the helpdesk center CASA blanca.



Hein & Fiete – the gay checkpoint with the gay library

The gay library is an important part of the checkpoint. Over 1000 informative and stimulating books are waiting to be discovered by you. Besides the hip gay literature you will also find rare treasures and collectors' items - this is unique in Hamburg. In the categories German literature, culture, biographies, history, discrimination and sexuality, we have books ready for you to borrow free of charge. No matter if you are looking for a comfortable reading evening, your commute to or from work or for your studies - you will find what you are looking for here at our place.

Come over: Mo-Fr 4-8 pm at Hein & Fiete’s checkpoint.



Hein & Fiete – the gay checkpoint for support groups

Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint offers support to numerous self-help groups. If you are looking for a self-help group, you can find an overview of the current meeting dates here on our homepage. Support groups can use rooms at the checkpoint for free, and we help with organizing and networking. If you would like to start a self-help group, please contact us at 040/240440 or by e-mail at



Hein & Fiete – the gay checkpoint as a meeting place

Hein & Fiete – the gay checkpoint sees itself as part of the gay/bisexual community in Hamburg. That's why at Hein & Fiete you can meet and get to know other gay/bisexual men and also make new friends - either at one of our many events, over a coffee or simply when chatting with our volunteers. Here, you have the possibility to go online and meet your internet contacts live at our place. In addition, clubs, initiatives, and groups meet at the checkpoint to exchange ideas and to network.



Hein & Fiete - The gay checkpoint with event series and workshops

„For men who want more“ is a series of events with four to six events per year on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and other gay health topics. We always have our finger on the pulse and invite acknowledged experts to discuss current issues. In addition, we also address socio-political problems and provide information on topics that are currently of interest for the gay scene.



Hein & Fiete – the gay checkpoint as a place to go for other LGBTI groups

Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint links and supports other LGBTI groups. We offer both mailboxes and premises as well as logistical support for groups and their projects. Some groups meet at the checkpoint, others only use the offer of a P.O. box. You can find out here on our homepage which groups are currently to be reached through us.



Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint with all information about gay men’s health

HIV/STI prevention is about education on protection, transmission, and treatment options for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. However, gay health means more than the mere absence of disease. Gay health is a concept of integral physical and mental well-being. Especially the process of coming out, with all its emotional ups and downs, often makes it difficult to deal with one's own wishes and needs. The demands on one's own appearance and behavior are often subordinated to the zeitgeist in order to be well received in the scene. It is therefore important to initiate a discussion on health topics that is as unencumbered as possible and to broaden and to deepen it. Negative and possibly pathogenic experiences should be discussed and constructive coping should be encouraged. All in all, these efforts can and should contribute in the long term to an improvement in quality of life of gay men and in social solidarity in the community. The checkpoint offers space and support for self-help groups and considers current topics for its own events.


vor Ort

Hein & Fiete – the gay checkpoint with on-the-spot work (Saferty Crew)

Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint is enriched by a variety of on-site activities. The Safety Crew, our voluntary prevention team, carries out HIV/STI prevention in the gay scenes of Hamburg. We go to the places where gay/bisexual men and other MSM (men who have sex with men) meet. Be it in a pub, in a gay bar, in a porn cinema, at a party or in the city park - we provide information on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as on topics concerning gay/bisexual life.

By means of focused education, we want to strengthen the sense of responsibility of the individual in order to enable him to take a balanced and self-determined risk management. Our activities are fancy and adapted to the respective communities. In different outfits - e.g. as steward or stewardess, sailor, gardener, or just in a Hein & Fiete T-shirt - we inform, answer open questions, and reduce uncertainties. You can find a variety of our activities under Safety Crew.



Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint with all information on gay life in Hamburg

Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint keeps a lot of information about gay and bisexual life ready for you. We inform about possibilities of leisure activities and news from the gay scene. You can also find information on topics such as violence against gays, sex and party drugs, or sports activities. Furthermore, we regularly sell tickets for the hottest parties in town as well as current books from the Männerschwarm publisher. You can also buy condoms, lubricants, and other useful accessories at low prices.

Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint is open Monday to Friday from 4 – 8 pm. 



Hein & Fiete - the gay checkpoint as a possibility for voluntary work in the gay scene

The prevention work of Hein & Fiete is mainly done on a voluntary basis. Volunteers open the checkpoint every day, answer questions, coordinate the testing, sell event tickets, and help with problems. The Safety Crew - our on-site prevention team - visits parties, pubs, bars, and other places of the gay scene where sex takes place. They are the on-the-spot contact persons for all matters concerning gay life and they answer questions on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Our volunteers are specifically trained and educated for this purpose. If you would like to get to know other gay men and are motivated to volunteer in the gay scene, then simply contact