Innkeepers‘ elf-commitment


The self-commitment of the "providers of places of sexual encounter" in Hamburg includes the free provision of condoms and lubricants, educational brochures on safer sex and a waiver of support for unprotected sexual intercourse as well as support for our prevention activities.

This self-commitment is supported by us in terms of staff and material.

For this reason, a meeting is held at least once a month with a member of our prevention team and the community innkeepers.

Condoms and lubricants (cruising packs) and educational brochures are distributed by the prevention project. Twice a year, training events on HIV/STI are held for the innkeepers and their employees.

Our partners in the innkeepers‘ self-commitment program:




If you would also like to become our partner with a self-commitment, just get in touch with our contact person Uwe Gerdelmann: