Unprotected anal intercourse is by far the primary cause of an HIV transmission during gay sex. However, condoms do protect, to some extent also against many other sexually transmitted infections (STI). To make sure that nothing goes wrong, we have put together some tips and tricks for the correct use of condoms.

Kondom 1

Only use condoms with the CE and DIN EN ISO quality seals. Pay attention to the expiry date and an undamaged wrapper. Carefully open the packaging without damaging the condom. It is best to pull carefully at the perforated edge. Using fingernails or sharp objects can damage the condom.

Kondom 2

Pinch the condom at the tip to release any air before putting it on (do not pull or tear). To unroll the condom over your hard cock, place it on the head of the penis with the ring facing outwards, squeezing the condom at the top with two fingers while rolling it down with the other hand. It should be easy to unroll; if not, use a larger one.

Kondom 3

First, put on the condom, then add a lot of lube and don't forget your partner's hole! Never put lube directly on the cock before the condom, because that could make the rubber slip off or rip.
The lubricant should be water- or silicone-based. Grease or oil (e.g. vaseline, massage oil, body lotion, Crisco, hand cream, cooking oil) can make the condom porous and easily tear. Neither is spit a substitute for lube. (Very good condoms and lubricants are available at Hein & Fiete at reasonable prices!)

Kondom 4

After the sex, pull your cock out while it is still hard. Hold on to the condom while pulling out, otherwise it could remain inside your partner. Take a new rubber for each new sex partner and do not throw it into the toilet after use, instead use the trash can. For longer fucking sessions use several condoms.

Store condoms away from direct sunlight, heat, and cold. Pointed objects or thick hair stubble (for example after intimate shaving) can also damage the condom, as can grains of sand, for example on the beach. Even carrying the condom around in your pocket or wallet can render it unusable (practical cruising-packs for carrying around are available at Hein & Fiete!)

You are more than welcome to contact Hein & Fiete if you have further questions. There you get a lot of information on condoms, lubricants, and much more.